Klinikka 1 Oy (Clinic 1 Ltd)

established in 2011, is a Finnish family enterprise, owned and managed by doctors Esa and Pia Tahvanainen.

Our main goal is to offer high standard health services to an affordable price.
The health service is not good if the patients can't afford it.

Klinikka1 has a medical center in Myllypuro (Kivensilmänkuja 2, 3rd floor) next to the metro station.

In Myllypuro we offer mainly general health care and occupational services, but we have also specialists in internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, radiology and orthopedics.

2023 the most common visits to general practioner (20 min) costs 70 Euros and the specialist visits (30 min) are 100 euros. We have 19 euro office fee. If you are entitled to Kela compensation (the visit is because of disease and you have a Finnish Kela card) you pay 8 euros less. Driving licence doctor statement costs only 89 euros, or 109 euros if expanded drivers check up for older drivers is needed.

We collaborate with the Synlab and the prices of laboratory exams are affordable.

We collaborate with Medics24, which is an Internet based doctor and occupational health care service.

You can get all vaccinations from Klinikka1. For a single vaccination we take only 25 euros and the pharmacy price of the vaccine. We have many vaccines on stock, but can also make prescriptions to any pharmacy and you can bring the vaccine along with you.

Normally we are open 8-16 monday-friday. At summer time (June, July and August) we are open only 8-14.

You can reserve doctor's appointment from our Internet reservation "verkkoajanvaraus".

Private patients: call on working days between 8 to 16 using the number 0600-01010.

The call cost your own operator normal price + 2 € /min, or 6.26 € at other times (evenings and weekends). The maximum cost for one call is 50 €. Phone calls from other countries are not allowed. There is no Kela compensation for the call.

Occupational patients: call 040 9325440

Our values:

1) We act according to the interests of the patient or client.

2) We base our work on the best scientific medical knowledge.

3) The patient's health is an entirety

4) We guide you to take care of your own health


-Radiologist Eero Puntila is one of the best doctors in ultrasound studies to find the problems in patients muscles and ligaments, in blood vessels, in internal organs like liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, thyroid or heart. Ultrasound can also be used to study breasts, ovaries, uterus, prostate and urinary system.

-Orthopedic Esko Harju has specialised to the injuries in children and adolescents.

-Specialist in internal medicine Pia Tahvanainen takes care of cardiac, thyroid or infection problems.

-General practioner Esa Tahvanainen can be consulted for any problem and has experience also in travel medicine.

-General practioner Jouko Solonen is specialised to the problems of mucisians.

-Psychiatric Leif Apter is also a qualified psychotherapist. We do not prescribe drugs that can be used to drug abuse.

Clinic 1 has also a sports unit.

One of the most famous doctors in sport medicine in Finland, Dr. Harri Hakkarainen, is working in Klinikka 1. Sport related care, research and coaching are available to all competitive or recreational athletes. Doctor's clinical appointments can be connected to the sports performance analysis in the sport hall ”Liikuntamylly” across the street. Often the consultation is complemented with high level ultrasound by radiologist Eero Puntila. Optional consultations with the best orthopedists and other doctors in the Clinic 1, Clear Mind ltd's sports psychologists and several sports physiotherapists are also available.

At the moment Harri works elsewhere (in Rauma) and see patients only occasionally. Eero Puntila is very good option to consult, especially to diagnose muscular and other orthopedic problems.

Occupational Health care

We are probably the only company in Finland which offers occupational health care without any monthly fees. At the moment we have some 450 companies as our clients. Our pricing is based solely according to the services actually needed.

For new companies, our prices (within a radius of less than 10 km) related to the contracts, job surveys, action plans and other documents related to the contracts are 300 euros altogether. At the end of the financial year, the companies will recover 60% of their costs related to the preparation of the job report and the action plan as a Kela compensation (KL1 category operations).

At least once a year we must be in contact with companies, check the contact information
and whether there are any significant changes in operations or personnel lists, review what has been done during the previous year and make a plan for the current year. Our occupational health nurses will contact you, or you can be in touch to us. The price of the annual update for 2022 is € 100 or depending on the time spent, if more than a hour is needed. You will receive 60% Kela compensation for the upgrade.

Every five years at the latest, a new job survey must be carried out, ie. come to visit the workplace. In this context, the above and update the action plan will be done. The price of the report and the update of the action plan in 2023 will start at € 200, of which 60% will also be returned from Kela. (For a completely new customer, a job report and preparation of an action plan is € 300). If we do not get in touch with the company despite our efforts, or if statutory matters or invoices are not handled, we will have to terminate the company’s contract.

Our laboratory prices are very affordable. For example, a comprehensive workplace care laboratory package costs only 145 euros + sampling 15.50 euros.

Ultrasound examinations are performed by our own X-ray doctor Eero Puntila, but we perform standard X-ray images and magnetic resonance images at Synlab, to which we have a direct connection.

In 2023, the compensation paid by Kela will focus on preventive occupational health care. Compensation percentages (KL1 and 2) are the former 60% and 50%, but the maximum amounts focus on prevention. In other words, health checks can and should be carried out in accordance with the action plans and the requirements of the law! Reimbursable costs for medical treatment KL2 may be only 4/10 of the above maximum amounts.

See more on Kela's website:
https: //www.kela.fi

Reporting and monitoring

At the end of their financial year, our client companies will receive a statement of all their occupational health care expenses. On the basis of this report, it is possible to receive 60% of Kela compensation for preventive work and 50% for medical treatment.

Please be in contact, we believe that we can offer you the best health care and occupational health services at the best price in Finland.